Get to Know: Dr. Condemi

Why did you join New Jersey Cancer & Blood Specialists?

Dr. Condemi: "I am so very excited to have the good fortune of merging my practice into the NJ Cancer network and to bring unparalleled ease of treatment and access to my patients in a manner that cannot be achieved in the hospital setting. This new paradigm will set NJ standard for efficient, cutting edge and personalized care that is more patient-oriented and less costly to the patient. Patient expenses and patient visit times will improve while the overall patient experience is enhanced."    

Why did you choose Hematology/Oncology?
Dr. Condemi: "I was so afraid of cancer that I tried to get out of my mandatory cancer rotation as an Intern.
Fate smiled upon me and my request was denied. I had a literal epiphany during that rotation as I got mad at cancer and what it did to my patients. 
I found my purpose in medicine during that month."
What makes you different from other oncologists?
Dr. Condemi: "We are all shaped by our life experiences and that's part of what makes us unique. Like many immigrant families, we did not have much other than a strong work ethic and a close family. I am the first Condemi ever born outside of Italy and the first to graduate High School, let alone College, Graduate School, and Medical School.  I am from strong stock but we had humble origins. My medical and scientific training is also different and background has provided me a greater sense of the patient.  Clinical pathways and protocols exist to guide patient care, my particular expertise is tailoring each patient's treatment to their specific situation. Outcomes improve and Quality of Life is enhanced.  I see myself as a patient partner to ensure the best Quality of Life possible."
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